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Jessy W. Grizzle is a (full) Professor in the Control Systems Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department within the College of Engineering at The University of Michigan in Ann ArborMichigan. He is the Director of Michigan Robotics and a member of the ECE Systems Laboratory and the  Robotics and Computer Vision Area. He has a courtesy appointment in Mechancial Engineering.

The activity at Michigan in control systems is very interdisciplinary and moves easily across traditional departmental boundaries. We maintain a very active College of Engineering Control Seminar SeriesAdditional EECS Control Lab information is available here. For more fun stuff, see the EECS YouTube Home Page.

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My primary research area used to be the theory of nonlinear control systems. While I still have strong interest in this subject and feel a sense of community with that body of researchers, my research activities have significantly broadened over time. My work now covers the control of bipedal robots and correct-by-construction control methods for Adavanced Driver Assist Systems. From 1986 to 2010, I worked on various apsects of modeling and control of automotive powertrain systems and control of HEVs. From 1991-2001, I applied systems and control techniques to improve the operation of plasma-based microelectronics manufacturing equipment.


Book: Feedback Control of Dynamic Bipedal Robot Locomotion co-authored with Eric R. Westervelt, Christine Chevallereau, Jun-Ho Choi, and Benjamin Morris, published by Taylor & Francis in June, 2007, is now available for free download. It treats virtual constraints and hybrid zero dynamics for the creation of asymptotically stable periodic motions in hybrid systems. I would also suggest the following papers that significantly extend these methods:  Machine LearningRobust Optimization, and Bilinear Matrix Inequalities (BMI), and the excellent 2018 HZD Review paper by Ames and Poulakakis, as well as these survey works: Book Chapter In: Goswami A., Vadakkepat P. (eds) Humanoid Robotics: A Reference. Springer, Dordrecht and 2015 Survey on HZD in Automatica..



Robotics Advising Information



The Graduate Academic Advisor is Prof. Jessy Grizzle. A list of all advisors can be found here.


ECE MS Plan of Study Form while other forms are here


See the Bright Green Stripe for ECE Pre-approved Robotics Courses. Note that ROB 501 and ROB 550 count as EECS Credits. Also, where it says that you need advisor approval to count EECS 568 or ROB 501 or ROB 550 as part of a robotics major, that is not exactly true, because, I will always approve them. :-)


Other Robotics courses are here and here. In principle, you need my approval to count them in your major. What I will check is that your set of courses makes sense. In ECE:Robotics, you follow the rules in ECE. By doing so, you have a bit more freedom in your course selection than the students in the COE:Robotics program.


Some of you are confused about the "optional" S/U (Pass-Fail) credits. Most students take zero or one of them. You can count a maximum of 6 S/U credits toward your MS degee.


If an EECS course is cross-listed with another department, then it can count as a cognate.


EECS Courses  and All Courses in COE 




Prof Grizzle is the Faculty Advisor for ECE:Robotics students. You can find useful information here

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