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Applying for an RA?

Off-campus students



I receive, on average, one email per day requesting that I give someone an RA. As you can imagine, I cannot meet that rate of demand. In fact, I no longer even read emails that are sent to me with a request for financial aid. So, if you wish financial aid, you are strongly advised to apply through the Graduate Program of the Department of Electrical Engineering. If you really find that my work is just the thing for you, then, on your application, please attach a note saying Kindly bring this application to the attention of Prof. Grizzle. It will get to me. If I have funds, and if I find you to be a good match for my current projects, I will contact you. However, do NOT send me an email requesting that I intervene on your behalf. I am sorry that it has come down to this, but I see no other way to deal with the large volume of requests that I have been receiving.

UofM students



If you are already on campus and are interested in my work, I will do my best to meet with you. You should contact me from your UofM email account, not gmail or Yahoo or whatever. In general, I work with only four or five students at any one time. My GSRA support funding is usually maxed out, but you never know when something might open up. My students do graduate!

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